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Indian Models/Talents Разместил: Talents

Attention to all Indian aspiring models! This is your call to explore the exciting world of modeling! Create Talents is looking out for fresh individuals of Indian or Pan-Indian heritage of all ages and genders to hop on board!

If you are interested in taking up freelance modeling in commercial advertising, print ads or events, please send in your particulars to ( editorial at createtalentsandmodels dot com ) today!


Категория: Advertising / Marketing | Удаленная работа | Добавлено 21.05.2010 в 09:25 На предложение откликнулись: 0

100 articles 200 $ Разместил: Alex

Its need to re-write 100 articles from EzineArticles on theme - job, career, etc. One article should be ~800-1000 words.
email: suxx1k@gmail.com

Категория: Texts | Удаленная работа | Добавлено 13.05.2010 в 18:30 На предложение откликнулись: 32

Writer Needed - WordPress Разместил: wp

I want writer who can write high quality articles and has good understanding of WordPress and related subject (plugins, themes etc.). I am looking for someone who is fluent in the English language and has a very large vocabulary.

Here are the requirements of my projects:
- knowledge of WordPress
- long term work
- 4 articles per week
- the content should be 100% unique and pass copyscape
- correct grammar, punctuation and spelling


Категория: Writing | Удаленная работа | Добавлено 20.02.2010 в 19:56 На предложение откликнулись: 26

Very Easy Job - just your own opinions 21 $ Разместил: Andrew

Hello good freelancers!

The proposed job fairly easy and interesting for anyone who speaks English. Still, it is desirable that English is your native language. You do not need any knowledge in a particular area.

I am gathering a team of people, who can write few words about some electronic products in their homes.
It's quite simple!
For example, at first I need honest human opinions about your own cell-phone.
Like this:


Категория: Texts | Удаленная работа | Добавлено 07.02.2010 в 21:06 На предложение откликнулись: 49

Alibaba.com-like Online Platform (with auction/bidding) Разместил: JN

To have an online platform just like Alibaba.com. Fully functional and user-friendly. Visit Alibaba.com for details of the project. Any suggestion is welcome.

Категория: Other | Удаленная работа | Добавлено 09.12.2009 в 19:20 На предложение откликнулись: 9

Freealnce Academic Writers Wanted Разместил: Gemma

We are an Academic and marketing research company aim at providing professional and high quality custom written works to a range of clients. We cover all subjects disciplines and undertake all aspects of research. Currently, we need qualified and experienced freelance writers who specialize in Finance, Econometric area to join our team.

If you are looking for an opportunity that provides you with the flexibility to work from where you choose and to take on projects that most interest

Категория: Writing | Удаленная работа | Добавлено 19.11.2009 в 05:36 На предложение откликнулись: 5

Qualified writers needed 250 $ Разместил: hazel

I am looking for good writers who can send me work on daily basis, i want people who are able to send me work within 24 to 48 hours; i need 5 to six articles daily.
I have thousands of articles needed to be done.
I am eager to work with those who know what the importance of original content is and how to write on different topics with 100%accuracy.
I am paying 20 to 25 USD for 30 articles,
I want work on time, when it is required; delay in the work would be

Категория: Copywriting | Long-distance job | Добавлено 16.08.2009 в 21:12 На предложение откликнулись: 27

CBOX WS TAGGING SYSTEM 1 $ Разместил: acidburnie

I want an application for tagboard spamming script for cbox.ws & shoutmix (optional) tagboards.

Before bidding, please ensure that you are able to inject data into tagboards using a script remotely (meaning you do not have to go to the website to be able to post into the tagboard).

This system requires user accounts, meaning each account will have their own set of adverts to post, which will be created by us. These messages can be programmed to be timed in a

Категория: Web developing | Long-distance job | Добавлено 28.06.2009 в 13:10 На предложение откликнулись: 0

Freelance writers. Pay $10 for 400-500word. 10000 $ Разместил: Katy DeRose

We are hiring freelance writers to write articles for us part time. We are a media and content service
based in Baltimore who provides articles to online sources. Pay is $10 flat rate per every 400 – 500
word article; topics vary widely and cover nearly every niche.
Workload is extremely flexible; write as many or as few articles as you want, paid immediately per
submission of each article. Great part time job for college student!
Please contact Katy DeRose at

Категория: Copywriting | Long-distance job | Добавлено 27.06.2009 в 20:10 На предложение откликнулись: 93

Credit Card Marketing 10000 $ Разместил: John Ashcroft

Looking for additional associates to market the business opportunity at MyCreditCardCash.com. We pay $25 per sign up. This includes getting someone to sign up for a $1.97 two week trial.

Please contact us at support@mycreditcardcash.com

If you are interested.

Категория: Marketing | Long-distance job | Добавлено 17.06.2009 в 02:07 На предложение откликнулись: 8

Interspire Multi Vendor + Kayako helpdesk Support 800 $ Разместил: komodoteler

You will require to:

1. "streamline" vendor registration via front end (registration ala customer)
2. Add automatically new operator (kayako software) for each vendor registered. the login and password should be the same
3. Vendor rating and feedback ala ebay
4. Change vendor permission setting on admin page
5. Site minor modification

Ideally development timeline should be 1 month. Good luck

Категория: Web developing | Long-distance job | Добавлено 16.06.2009 в 21:07 На предложение откликнулись: 2

Zen Cart Banner 200 $ Разместил: Daniel Brown

I want to organize several sites based on Zen Cart 1.3.8a shopping cart. Now I am interested in a feature I call 'Active Banner'. Briefly it can be described as an animated banner (on home page) in which products 'move' from left to the right.
Customer is allowed to navigate through the products on the banner by clicking on left and right navigation buttons.
Administrator should be able to configure several features in the store back-end like:
1.1 Type of products to be shown

Категория: Programming | Permanent job | Добавлено 01.06.2009 в 14:27 На предложение откликнулись: 4

Web Developement Oppotunity 500 $ Разместил: Karl Harris

I am looking for a keen Web designer to become our lead web designer. We have yet to expand our e-business and would like designers of all experience to put forward their ideas and the chosen designer will receive $500.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Категория: Web design | Long-distance job | Добавлено 22.04.2009 в 17:07 На предложение откликнулись: 22

Text on image, speechbubbles and motivator generator 500 $ Разместил: Keith Formann

I need to have on my website features like these: http://wigflip.com/saywhat/ , http://wigflip.com/roflbot/ and http://wigflip.com/automotivator/?src=fp . No matter how you realize
it. You will have to make finished pages. And all I will have to do is just place a link to them.

PS: You can fulfill just one or two projects for a part of budget (500$).


Категория: Programming | Long-distance job | Добавлено 09.04.2009 в 14:42 На предложение откликнулись: 12

PHP, wordpress, Woothemes 80 $ Разместил: Luke NA

Keywords: PHP, Wordpress, plugins, Woothemes

The "Popular" tab on this WooTheme is currently fed by pages most commented on: www.woothemes.com

We wish for this to be customized so that this is fed by pages most viewed (within one of two parent categories).

WooThemes support suggested:
- find a plugin which would do this for you (source the pages most viewed);
- edit includes/popular.php to include the plugin output (code).

Категория: Web developing | Long-distance job | Добавлено 23.03.2009 в 18:40 На предложение откликнулись: 4

Some projects with low cost! 20 $ Разместил: Le Viet Khoa

I have some simple projects with low cost. (about 20 projects a month)
It's TV's ads. But you only just spend few minutes to finish.
Skill need: combusion or After Effect or something like them...
Plz contact me.
Nick yahoo: five_mice@yahoo.com

Категория: Flash/animation | Long-distance job | Добавлено 28.12.2008 в 09:50 На предложение откликнулись: 9

Need Content Written 10000 $ Разместил: Jim Halpert

Our new company needs to build its database of content in a hurry. We need hungry writers who are willing to write, write, write! We pay per approved article and we encourage mass writing about any topics. Please apply at http://getpaidwritingarticles.com or getpaidwritingarticles.com Feel free to email me, the CEO anytime you wish. Thank you.

Категория: Copywriting | Long-distance job | Добавлено 09.12.2008 в 08:50 На предложение откликнулись: 25

Cre Loaded 20 $ Разместил: Kell


I have a CRE Loaded website and i want to make some few changes, like banner changing, some text and other things, i need a expect in CRE loaded who charger like per hr job or low fee..if you can do this contact kell8199920000@gmail.com and also send maybe your MSN or Yahoo ID so we can chat directly.

hope to hear from you ASAP>


Категория: Programming | Long-distance job | Добавлено 24.09.2008 в 23:13 На предложение откликнулись: 0 | предоплата имеется

Online Sales People 10000 $ Разместил: Dan Berkman

Primary Wave Media (http://www.primarywavemedia.com) is looking for online sales people to promote, sell and market the many vanity phone numbers we license. The job is a simple one and can be done in the comfort of your home and around any schedule.

Here is the job in simple to understand terms.

1. You will be assigned a vanity phone number(s) to pitch to clients (ex.

Категория: Marketing | Long-distance job | Добавлено 15.09.2008 в 20:44 На предложение откликнулись: 8

Translate ebook from English to Deutsch 500 $ Разместил: Verina Nata

Translate ebook from www.bestdigital2008.com/Best2008.pdf

English - > Deutsch

Категория: Translations | Long-distance job | Добавлено 06.07.2008 в 17:55 На предложение откликнулись: 5 | предоплата имеется

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